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You are doing great job
Don't be hard on yourself ✌️
Be kind to yourself πŸ‘€

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Forward from: Dagmawi Babi
πŸ₯° Ruthful Hearts
β€’ RuthfulHearts.com

Ruthful Hearts is aiming to change people's lives one person at a time. ⭐️

We have these core principles:
1. Anonymous Donations: Beause charity is all about helping the needy selflessly, we keep the identities of the donors private. We use a huge range of payment options for you to transfer money which also includes crypto. 🀩

2. For All Kinds of People: We value a person simply because each human life is valuable. We don't discriminate by any reason of division. We simply lend a hand because everyone deserves a second chance at being brand new and good! ⭐️

3. One at a Time: The way we help people is by running fund raising campaigns every season of the year. Then depending on the amount of donations gathered, we invest it all on one person. We do this so a person's life instantly and drastically changes for the better! 😌

4. Private and Graceful: We're trying to give people a brand new life and that starts by keeping their identities private within the Ruthful community. We don't share them around social medias or use them to promote this charity. We keep their dignity and respect them fully.πŸ˜€

Join the channel and start donating now ❀️
β€’ @RuthfulHearts

Let's Change Lives! 🌷

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β€œRejection is not meant to break you; it's meant to make you stronger.” 🦾

what is the best website/telegram channel to find internship

Apple products
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Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1if09a9QyNfBRlAKey7If5preZ3BswudZ?fbclid=IwAR2QBcrO-LcQ0yUhRkhFRoGE3J5PMoPf9f6S30AsndUFBHGvVUkFa2WBIGo

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