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this is a channel of self made coder.. coding, Dev, tech and some of my stuff are the issues... wanna be family Join ...

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Chapter 1: The Special Theory of Relativity
I spent the night studying for tomorrow's midterm exam. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on, guys 😁. This is 100% not my thing, oh boy.

study stack :
-The Ether Hypothesis
-The Michelson-Morley Experiment
-The Special Theory of Relativity
-The Galilean Transformation
-The Lorentz Transformation
-Length Contraction
-Time Dilation
-Relativity and Simultaneity
-Addition of Velocities
-Mass Increase with Velocity
-Relativistic Mass-Energy Equivalence

study tools
ChatGpt + Indians + random dude from YouTube + Chegg with Homorkify


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What's going on with Tailwind not rendering colors in dynamic states? I'm stuck on this. It shouldn't be taking me this much time. I'm still having problems rendering colors. I receive a color/theme from my backend server and use that to render colors with Tailwind's dynamic feature. The weird part is that it works for some and it doesn't for others. I don't know what the problem is. Any ideas?


Save this for your day,
One of my favorite songs:
"Beautiful Day" by Jamie Grace.

Remember, even on the darkest days, there's always a glimmer of hope waiting to shine through and you are loved by the most high God. Keep believing, brighter days are ahead!


🚨 #Alert 🚨

This is an alert for my members to protect themselves from impersonators who clone my account and create Fake Tech Nerd profiles. For your general knowledge, if you hear about profiting, free money, trading, it's likely not me. Please let me know.

On the bright side, I'm glad to have reached a point where I can warn you about fake Tech Nerd accounts pretending to be me. Pretty cool, right? 😁

I'm realizing how easy it is for someone to pretend to be you online by copying your profile picture and name.


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Yooo, I didn't expect this... 362.1K 🤯 Anyway, the dude is enjoying a good life 😊 And Chris has his own startup now.


In the middle of the night, I was thinking randomly, and this popped into my head. 😁

I mean, if they hadn't acquired the name, I would have bought it. It's so expressive and kind of cool. its insane that this site used to have hundreds of millions of users, and now almost nobody knows about it. I'm kind of taking a nap, so I plan to find the founders and follow them on X or other social media. If I get lucky, maybe I'll talk to them. I think I saw a documentary mentioning that one of them is actually a photographer. Let's see what we can find. 😊


Forward from: KiNFiSH Farms
Introducing FarmUI - client rich and animated component ui library build on top of shadcn
It includes
💫 Free and Paid Website template
💫 Styled and animated with framer motion built on top of radix and shadcn and wee will add more
💫 Framework agnostic only generic components
💫 Full block of components as copy and paste solution.

And much more ..coming really soon 🤞

❗️ this is the part of the monorepo project which i have not finished with it quite. so i will also be publishing only the website part of the monorepo. the rest package and shared UI will be released in near soon.

💥 please star the repo -

🌐 check the website as well -

will buy the domain (.com) and will propagate it as well.

The mobile view might be a bit off and make sure to spam me on GitHub issue also other issue and I would also welcome a PR on my way.

Have you heard about Telesun? 🤔

Telesun is a creative and modern framework for building Telegram bots, developed by @Me_abd. He's now focusing on growing his Telesun community, and it’s been so exciting to see members developing some amazing Telegram bots!

One of my friends, who is new to JavaScript, built his first awesome bot in under an hour. Another friend, with only basic JavaScript knowledge, created over four impressive bots. What’s even more amazing is that we’re developing bots within a day using Telesun!

You’ll discover brilliant features like automation that have never been simpler. I’ve even got a bot that pings me when it’s Netflix night!

Only 3 steps to get started: GitHub repo

If you want to be a part, you can contribute to the project and be a part of Telesun too. Join his channel: @telesungs and group @telesunjs for more and to be a part of the community.


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Yoo, this is so cool! 🔥🔥 They've done a great job with JSR. It's like pushing your code to GitHub—it's so easy. Plus, it has TypeScript support out of the box. Their standards and everything with the manager are fantastic.

By the way, I didn't know Ryan Dahl was the founder of Deno.

watch the live conference video here


You went to bed early just to spend the night working and came to Abrhot, only to find out I forgot my earphones. Ugh, damn. I'm questioning my decision now. 😤😭

Now I'm having a hard time listening to and processing Abrhot's AC sound.


When you get bored but don’t want to stop coding or want to stay in the mood, you can write your own SVG file 😁.

Everything you see here was not created using any editing software—it's pure code 😎. I was planning to work on a project involving editing SVG/PNG files to implement some generic functionality, and this led me to create this.


Yooo ! Just wanted to share some cool news with you all. Forward Health has rolled out these amazing CarePods – think of them as mini doctor's offices powered by AI. You can get blood tests, check your blood pressure, and even swab for different illnesses, all without needing a doctor or nurse right there. The AI handles the diagnosis, and doctors take care of prescriptions behind the scenes. They're planning to set up these CarePods in malls, gyms, and offices. wdt ??

watch this video


Oh, this is so cool! I got my Canvas from @temaritools. I really loved the idea of having a personalized templated notebook with unlined papers. Even though I don't usually write, I'm forcing myself to write to get into the vibe. @henoktesfa is the one who gave it to me, and he is also the founder of @temaritools. If you go to their Telegram mini app, you can choose the color, template, and every customization for your notebook. I mean, I ordered it and it was done in less than 24 hours. Yeah, if you like it, you should talk to @henoktesfa, and he'll get you your own flavored notebook with your own vibe! ✌️🔥🔥

Thanks to @temaritools and @henokt for the giveaway and also for making me start writing on paper again! 😁 He gave it to me yesterday after the event, and I tried it; it feels awesome.

customize your canvas


Now I let me sleep since I have to wake early and study for my Dynamics ( mechanics II ) exam 😁


Big thanks to our sponsors ALX and Zebra stickers for being a part of our event and helping make it happen.

Also, we must mention our Platinum sponsor #Nerd_space. For those of you who didn't know, Nerd Space sponsored the VPS server prize. Let's give a big round of applause to our sponsors! 👏🏼


Thank God, our event was a success, even though we put it together in just a week. A big thanks to everyone who came and supported our GDSC community.

Our team worked really hard for this, even someone had to miss their midterm exam. I want to thank each member of our team and our leader for making it all possible.

Special thanks to our guests for sacrificing their precious time and coming to the event to share their experiences despite the struggles they faced ( skipping exam for one of our guest ) .

This event marks the start of our journey with GDSC AAU. We know there's a long road ahead, but with God's help, we believe GDSC AAU will become a place where people connect, learn, and have fun.

Join our GDSC AAU Telegram channel: @GDSCAAU.


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