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Are you a leather bag lover? We make all kinds of leather bags.
Tote bags, messenger bags, chest bags,
crossbody bags, hip bags, wrist bags, backpacks, travel bags, duffel bags, satchel bags....and various small leather goods and accessories 🎒 👛 👜

Channel's geo and language
Ethiopia, English
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🌻 መልካም የመስቀል በዓል 🌻

2-piece set, unisex backpack with lunch box

September, we are ready for you 👌 Discover our new Back to School backpack 🎒 📚 🖇 📝 📏 📐

Key holder
🎁 Gift for husbands who order bag for their wives 🎁

🌻 New Year, new bag 🌻
I don't need anymore bag....said no woman, ever.

📏 27cms[H]*10.5cms[D]*47cms[W],
📐 Top: 36cms

It works for women of all ages
Can hold laptop upto 15"

Item code: Hewan
Item price: 1800

Order yours now

📲 +251913098193
Contact: @YoditBel

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