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3 rules of life control

1. Don’t give anyone control over your future.

Not to the boss, not to the clients, not to the wife, not to the husband, not to the parents, not to the children. To no one. You and only you are responsible for your decisions. Everyone else only has the right to suggest something.

2. Don’t hand over control over your children to anyone.

The school doesn’t care what your children grow up to be. Especially for the university and kindergarten. Whatever happens at school or on the street, the responsibility for your child lies entirely with you.

3. Don’t give up control over your health to anyone.

Doctors are advisors. And nothing more. I got OS from a doctor, check with someone else. Feel it, let it pass through yourself. Hippocrates also said:

“The art of medicine consists of three elements: the disease, the patient and the doctor”

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🗣5 quotes from successful people about discipline

• “Discipline is the decision to do what you really don’t want to do in order to achieve what you really want to achieve.” - John Maxwell

• "A self-disciplined person can achieve more than all undisciplined people put together." - Robert Kiyosaki

• “Self-control and discipline are the two most important qualities needed to achieve success.” - Napoleon Hill

• "A disciplined life is not just a set of rules, it is a way of thinking that allows you to achieve greater goals." - Brian Tracy

• “Discipline is not punishing yourself, it is rewarding yourself.” - Stephen Covey

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Mistakes that prevent you from achieving success.

In order to achieve success, you need to take many right steps. But sometimes mistakes can prevent you from achieving your goal. Here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid if you want to achieve

1. Lack of self-confidence. If you don't believe in yourself and your abilities, then you won't be able to achieve great results. You must understand that you have all the necessary tools to achieve success.

2. Lack of a plan. If you don't have a clear plan, you may lose direction and fail to achieve your goal. You must have a clear strategy and understand what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

3. Fear of failure. If you are afraid of failure, it may prevent you from trying something new or taking risks. But sometimes failure is a necessary part of the path to success, and you must be prepared for it.

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Don't be afraid to be different

A person who does everything to please people will disappear into the crowd and achieve nothing in life.

If you choose an unusual path, you have a much greater chance of success .

Thinking outside the box can lead to great achievements.

But! This path is difficult. Because living without the approval of others seems unsafe.

Belonging to a social group gives a feeling of security .

To act alone is to be brave.

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7 laws of financial well-being.

Don't be discouraged by the slowness of the process. Don't beat yourself up and don't rush to achieve amazing results faster. Everything will come.

2️⃣Earn money from your hobby.
The best option for generating additional income is to turn your hobby into a source of it. Monetize what you love.

3️⃣Make friends with money.
Improve your financial literacy and introduce proper money management habits.

4️⃣Find the right community.
It is difficult to fight the battle against temptations and advertising alone. Look for like-minded people.

5️⃣Make money work.
Invest, create assets, regularly save at least some money.

6️⃣Live today.
Don't blame yourself for past mistakes; they can no longer be corrected. This was a lesson that will help in the future.

7️⃣Be calm.
Learn to stay calm during a financial crisis. It will pass and your assets will definitely begin to grow. Don't panic and run to sell everything.

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​5 tips for increasing money.

Here are some basic but really working rules for growing your money. The rules are simple, like everything ingenious :

Money comes to those who save.
Spend less than you get.

Money multiplies for those who invest it.
Invest, or inflation will eat them up.

Money is kept by those who trust it to trusted companies.
Invest only in understandable and safe financial instruments.

Money grows if you invest it in known assets.
Invest in what you are good at.

You lose money if you believe in get-rich-quick schemes.
The higher the return, the higher the risk. Don't be greedy.

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3 principles of customer care from John Shawl

“It’s not enough to give people powers - they also need to accept them”

1. Investment in personnel
A successful business starts with taking care of its employees. Dedicating time and resources to training, motivating and developing staff is a fundamental step. Only through investing in your employees can you achieve outstanding service.

2. Understanding the role of the service
Assessing the role of service in a business is critical. Companies that correctly value the importance of customer service build long-term customer relationships and ensure business stability. This principle allows a business to become as solid as a rock.

3. Create a culture of customer loyalty
He highlights the importance of creating a culture in which all staff are dedicated to customer service. This includes developing values ​​and norms that emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction.

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Accelerate your business growth

What financial leverage techniques can help you achieve faster and more efficient growth?

— Borrowings and loans provide the opportunity to use external financial resources to expand a business, invest in new projects or develop current operations. However, it is important to carefully assess the risks and the company’s ability to repay borrowed funds within the established time frame.

— Leveraging investments and attracting venture capital can help your business grow faster through financial support and expert assistance from investors . Partnering with investors can also open up new markets and opportunities for your business.

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Top 5 Motivational Quotes by Vince Lombardi

🔵"Everyone has the will to win, but very few are ready to win"

🔵"There is only one way to succeed at anything - to give everything"

🔵 “Victory is not everything. This is the only thing"

🔵"If you don't make mistakes, you're not trying hard enough"

🔵"Winners never give up, and quitters never win"

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Remember a few simple rules:

• What seems like a failure now may actually be the start of something wonderful. Any experience is useful. Problems should force you to act, not make you depressed.

• Don't dwell on mistakes, you can't change the past. But you have the power to influence the present and the future.

• Stop comparing yourself to others and striving for unhealthy perfection.

• Don't put off your dreams for later, don't be ashamed of yourself.

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📈 Risk leads to changes in business.

Risk is an integral part of business and can lead to great success and achievement. Without risk, companies may be stuck in their current position and unable to grow.

The only 100% way to break out of the usual circle of events is to start doing something you haven’t done before.

Doing something different is always uncomfortable . You will never know in advance whether you will succeed or not, but even if you do not get the expected results, you will still gain more knowledge and experience than if you continued to develop risk-free at the previous pace. But the truth is that taking risks, spending time and not achieving noticeable results is the only way to change anything.

Taking risks does lead to change in business. It can lead to new opportunities, innovation and market expansion. However, risk can also lead to failure, loss of investment and reduced competitiveness.

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🗣 AliExpress founder Jack Ma explains the business

1️⃣ “When you start a business, it means you give up a stable income, sick leave and annual bonuses”

2️⃣ “Competition is like a game of chess. If you lose, you can always play another round. No need to fight"

3️⃣ “A real entrepreneur has no enemies. Once you understand this, no one can stop you."

4️⃣ “The worst qualities for an entrepreneur: to be a snob, not to be able to adequately assess the situation, to take a high pace and not be able to maintain it, not to have the ability to look forward”

5️⃣ “If you don’t know everything about your competitors, or you underestimate them, or you don’t see them as a threat, then you will definitely lose”

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🗣 Best Jack Trout Quotes

Jack Trout is a marketer, founder and president of the consulting firm Trout & Partners.

1️⃣ “ Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it ”

2️⃣ “ The larger the operation, the less surprise ”

3️⃣ “ Trying harder than others rarely leads to success. Trying smarter than others is the right way ."

4️⃣ “ Tomorrow those who make the right decisions today will get a place in the sun ”

5️⃣ “ Hurry is the best revenge for everything ”

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