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SuperEx is a big web3 cryptocurrency exchange, I shared their airdrop more than a month. In the next 7 days they are lunching their own unique token called #ET, when you Registered they give you 10 #ET.
You can still register and earn huge, alot of earnings opportunities.

REGISTER. https://app.superex.live/register?invitationCode=P78WL8R4U

Alrihla from premium group✈️


#ETH The Merge is completed ✅

Eth merge 🚀

Tomorrow and next tomorrow will be date expected to complete ethereum mega upgrade which is massive news in cryptocurrency industry.

BTC Dominance Chart!

One thing you didn't want to see for the bullish case was something I mentioned a week back. BTC dominance is finding support and pumping with the ETH merge imminent. This is not a good sign for alts

ETH/USD - Daily

With the ETH merge now days away, everybody is asking what will happen to the price post-merge. Will we dump straight after, or will the price continue to rise?
Historically when we have similar events, for example, BCH ( Bitcoin Cash ) fork, we saw manic buying before the fork in anticipation of the 1:1 reward of BSV. For many, especially the patient ones, this paid off, but this was after we saw a crash in Bitcoin Cash just before the fork. We need to be mindful that this could happen again post snapshot.
On the flip side, many whales could anticipate that the average retail trader will think they are being smart and begin heavily shorting ETH, and we see a short squeeze in which whales will seek to take full advantage.
To better understand what could sometimes be playing, the chart could give us clues.
For example, the $1700 region has been a level contested by the buyer and sellers and could be the decider in price direction

Technical analysis work best in trending market , especially in Bull market.♨️

BTC has crashed again, lose 20k area support, hit 18.5k$ area support with quick rejection.
Once BTC break 18.5k area ,the next lower support is 17.5k$ area.

Just watch it.

Be careful of FOMO

Binance is delisting USDC.

But do not panic, as this doesn’t mean your USDC will reduce in value. Binance will simply automatically convert them to BUSD which is also a good stable coin.


Bear market, recovery is coming but patience is the key.

Even without money let us read the update

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Networth of global financial markets

#Solana is the most scalable blockchain, ethereum V2 merge will beat Solana scalability


#Bitcoin dominance in the lowest bottom !

Do you think Bitcoin is going to lose its power in crypto world?!

We expect comeback like before at this level.

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